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Hunt & Gather Records / Partner 

2016- Current

Seattle based House and Techno Music Label with partners: Pezzner & Doza


Cascadia (NW Arts and Music Festival)- Lead Producer


Re-bar - Co-Owner


Re-bar, founded in 1991, is an iconic staple of Seattle's theatre and music subculture. Known as a NW beacon of  the LGBT, underground theatre and performance arts communities, Re-bar is an established cultural destination. 


Starborne Shows / Co-Owner, Director

Event and Festival production company, producing club nights, art events, festivals, stages and theatrical performances in the Pacific North West USA.

Starborne Sound / Co-owner

Seattle based high end concert, festival and installation sound company working with KV2 Audio technology.

Photosynthesis Festival / Co-Producer



Decibel Festival / Lead Producer, Producing Partner

Lead Producer of Decibel festival from 2008-2011, Producing Partner 2011-2015


Hempfest / Board of Directors



Hempfest / Starborne Electronic Stage / Lead Producer


Michael was the lead producer of this stage at the world famous Seattle Hempfest for over 10 years. Seeking to bring a cross section of the Seattle underground electronic community together for the cause of Marijuana reform and the legalization of Hemp production.





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