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    .it seems to be a journey, to a surface,

that we may never reach….

.ever grasping for enough air, light or time to finally break thru. 

.ever fighting, for substance, hope and meaning…

.this mortal odyssey thru all the eons of years and

-generations- of: 




arts and sciences, 

seems still yet undefined in regards to and for, , 

:true meaning:..

.in this, I propose: 

that the collective humxn, is as of now incapable of comprehending 

the vast [reason"s"] why, we even exist. 


*breathe and* 

[aim for]-.*detached observation* 

which grants one, 

in effect: 

the ability and birthright to, 

relinquish the burden of purpose seeking, 

allowing we, beautifully futile Terrestrials the 


to play *with* and amongst these experiences, 

great and small, 

happy and sad, 

creative and devastating, 


#ever learning> 

along these passionate and wandering ways,

where everything, 

even the seemingly lovely, mundane, or terrifying 

is inexplicably -anew.

.in this*, 


evolutionary of mind, and magnificent in imagination, bring, 



and the !hope!, 

that one day, we or (((one))), will realize: 

collective purpose, and 

be able to re-collect, on the inherent contributions:  



and *inspiration*, 

in finally knowing that 

we, you, me, {together} .matter. 

and are composites in the epic of <evolution>, 

thru life’s brilliantly palpable trials, losses, gains and gifts.

#hope #singularity #humancondition 


.be you.

.your grace is pure symmetry, 

.your frequency divine..

.your depth touches infinity, 

.exquisite is your mind. 

.your eyes are galaxies 

that complete with no end. 

.your smile comes effortlessly,

.your presence can mend.

.you free all with curiosity, 

.an entity of muse,

.a life loving mystery. 

.its righteousness you choose.

.so keep shining brilliantly,

.its pure love, you send. 

.a gift given flawlessly,

.you, are a true friend.


introspect, seeking a dialect,
to reconnect my circumspect
where i radiate, algorithms dilate
internal prostrate, I postulate
collecting the magistrate
for a personal pontificate
a proclamate, "all is love" I state.
words recalculate my articulate


.the starry sea.

this love
has no end
not a beginning
or a middle
my friend
i am but a fold
in this ribbon you see
with black hole eyes
in this starry sea
a whispered echo
of creations dream
viewing in awe
this all
i see
in your spiral eyes
looking back at me
adrift on a star
captive yet free
muse with me,
we are what we see,


leaves turning gold,
as inward i fold,
seeking my depths,
from new to old,
freeing this self,
from torment an snare,
to offer wholeness,
to the wintering air,
hard lessons cut,
from skin to core,
exposing my fallacies,
this internal war,
come fall rain and breeze,
blow this away,
I stand exposed,
until spring days,
where new Ill stand,
healed by time and being,
leaning into this now,
eyes closed, yet seeing....


.bent, twisted and arc'd.
I bend, twist and arc
seeking the perfection of
perceptions found-
outside of the norm.
I walk afloat,
in this sunken boat,
thru this density,
that brings novel sense to me,
encouraging a propensity,
to muse,
thru this kaleidoscope view,
a visage that is skewed,
by this bent, twisted and arc'd
point of view.
abstract in this fall, into the perplexity
of it all,
I share this in hopes to one day see.
that no matter what I believe,
its the same, stay or leave, and a real truth
cannot be seen by just two eyes.
so eye open up and let in, the love that has no end,
relax and accept all,
as a dense sea of sleep walking dreams.


.angels collide.

Angels collide with a heavenly stride,
when on this earth plane we ride,
into density..
Pulling each other thru,
for glimpses of truth,
watching tragedy and beauty,
seal our destiny,
of feeling this all,
from bloom to fall,
riding these waves of light,
these humans call feelings.....


I am aware
of the dust particles floating in the sunlight beams thru my window
of the sounds of life, cars, birds, planes an the wind
I am aware
of the devastation we cause to live our lives
the oil spilling
the tree chopping
the factory farming
depletion, degeneration, degradation, slavery and violent death
I am aware
of my own breath, my heartbeat, the feeling of the air on my skin
I am aware, that I am alive
I am aware of this world as a paradox
that I may never understand, and I appreciate the beauty of this
I am aware that we are all part of "nature"
and what we may perceive as destruction is simply part of the whole
I am aware of the 7 billion other perspectives on this planet
aware that each is valid and holds a small yet potent piece of the truth
I am aware, that we are here to evolve, change, learn and improve
and I am aware that love and compassion are our greatest teachers
I am aware that each life on earth, each earthling, great and small is a miracle
and the world might just be a more beautiful place if we all shared in this
I am aware of my capacity to love, and accept,
I am aware that resistance, only causes more resistance
I am aware of you, boundless mystery of existence,
and aware that together "we" are capable of so much more than "I"
I am aware of the power of art and our inherent creative nature,
and that it just may be this, that somehow saves us
I am aware of the relentlessness of life and accept that what comes is what is
I am aware that each moment, ever unfolding, is all we really have
and so very aware of the blessing of sharing this particular moment
with you.


vision swept day dreams
stream into my interwebs
dripping a cacophony
into love seat day beds
pooling seepage
the tears of antiquity
steeped into a clay pot
a sip of pure ubiquity


the more I learn,
the less I believe.
the less I believe,
the more I accept,
the more I accept,
the more compassion I have,
the more compassion I have,
the closer I am to you,
and the closer I get to you,
the closer I am
to love

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